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Common Notions About Siding

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Siding is an addition that can provide your home with some sizable and important benefits. Yet, there are homeowners that will frequently underestimate the amount of misinformation that they may believe about this type of exterior coating for their homes.

Myth: Siding Will Always Cause Exterior Rot

It is a frequent belief that siding will always cause the wood under it to rot. This belief will one be due to the assumption that the siding will keep moisture trapped against the exterior of the home. To prevent this type of damage from occurring, siding will have a moisture barrier between it and the exterior of your home. This barrier will typically be made of a thick rubber that will be able to prevent moisture from coming into contact with the home. In some instances, this moisture barrier can suffer damage, but these situations are fairly rare.

Myth: Your Home Will Have An Artificial Look With Siding

Siding can dramatically reduce the amount of work that you must do to keep your home maintained. However, homeowners often assume that this will come at the price of degrading the appearance of the exterior of the house. More precisely, they may think that siding is guaranteed to give the exterior of the home an artificial appearance. Yet, modern siding can come in varieties of color and texture that closely resemble natural wood. Due to the availability of these options, you can choose to enjoy the sizable benefits of siding without having to worry about degrading the appearance of your house.

Myth: Siding Protects Against Termites

Termites are a serious threat to any home that utilizes wood in its construction. Often, these pests will first target the wood exterior of homes before moving inward. Sadly, there are some homeowners that will assume that their homes are safe from suffering termite problems due to the siding preventing them from damaging the exterior. However, it is still possible for termites to cause serious damage to a home because they are small enough to get behind the siding. For this reason, you will still need to have your home regularly treated for termites regardless of whether you have siding installed.

Myth: Siding Has No Effect On Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners may not realize that the exterior of their homes may have many small gaps that can allow drafts to form. These drafts can drastically lower the energy efficiency of your house. However, if you have siding installed, you can help to stop these drafts. Furthermore, there are insulated siding options that can further enhance your home's energy efficiency. Contact a company, like JD Metals, for more help.