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3 Tips For Designing The Perfect Candy Box

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You can have the most delicious candy bar on the planet, but it isn't going to sell if it doesn't have attractive packaging. So, your candy boxes need to be designed perfectly in order to lure customers to your candy so that they'll give buy it and give it a taste. Plus, the more attractive the box, the more appetizing your candy will seem. Here are three tips that will help you design the perfect candy box for your candy:

Tip #1: Choose Hunger-Stimulating Colors.

Candy is always exciting and fun all on its own, but you want to make sure that this is conveyed from the outside as well. Colors play a huge role in how consumers feel. A certain color can make you feel happy or sad as well as calm or excited. And color has a lot to do with one's appetite. For example, if you had two boxes of candy in front of you – one of them black and brown and the other turquoise and orange, which one are you most likely to choose? You are going to be drawn more toward the bright-colored box. It is more exciting and stimulating. Turquoise gives off a sense of happiness and orange is a brain-stimulating color that often makes you feel hungry. Other colors that stimulate hunger include red, yellow and green.

Tip #2: Avoid Placing Too Much Information on the Box's Exterior.

While you likely have plenty to say about your delicious treats, you will want to keep the details to a minimum on the outside of your box. Otherwise, you will be overwhelming your customers. Make your labels and boxes as simple as possible. You will want to include a brief description of your treat, the business name, the candy's name as well as your contact information. Any other information that you want to include, such as your company's story, how the candy recipe came about, etc., can be placed inside the box on an insert. This way it is directly available to your customers, but it is not being shoved in the faces.

Tip #3: Opt for Foil-Lined Boxes.

If you are going to be distributing chocolate or caramel candy, it is a good idea to choose candy boxes that have been lined with foil. While plain cardboard boxes are a cheaper option, they tend to absorb oil from caramel and chocolate candies and could cause your candy to soften if it is moist outside. However, foil-lined candy boxes remain sturdy and secure and will ensure that your candy does not soften while in transport.

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