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Home Heating Propane Myths Debunked

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When it comes to heating your home, there is no unwritten rule stating that an electric heating system is the only option available to you. Another option is propane. While it has been around for a long time, many homeowners shy away from this method. The reason for this is often misconceptions. Between thinking that propane is bad for the environment to not wanting to have a huge tank installed on their property, there are a number of misconceptions out there. Being able to decipher fact from fiction can help you with determining if propane is right for you.

Bad for the Environment

There's a misconception that propane is bad for the environment when compared to more conventional methods of home heating, such as electric heat. The reality is that with proper use, propane is both clean burning and non-toxic. Unlike electricity, propane doesn't result in the emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the air, polluting the environment. The more electricity you burn, the more greenhouse gases you emit into the environment; the opposite is true when it comes to using propane.

In fact, propane only poses a risk in the event of a vapor leak that is accidentally ignited. However, modern storage tanks are designed to signal even a minor leak to their owner or the company responsible for refilling the tank, allowing the problem to be rectified before any harm is caused.

Systems are Huge and Unattractive

Some people are turned off from propane because they don't want to have a huge tank installed on their property. While you can't really blame any person who doesn't want this eyesore, you actually can have propane and not have a huge tank installed above ground. Thanks to modern day advancements, you can have your propane tank installed underground, making it completely undetectable.

Although the tank is underground, both its refill lever and tank gauge are housed above ground. This doesn't just eliminate the eyesore factor, but it also opens up the options you have as to where on your property you can install the tank. As long as you can ensure the gas delivery company, like Apollo Propane Inc, has easy access to the tank's refill lever, your options are endless.

You can safely and efficiently heat your home with a propane system. After sorting through some of the home heating propane heating myths, you should be able to determine if propane is right for your home heating needs.